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He's cold.

He's in A-- He's in a place he should know. He almost does. There's ice everywhere, stretching to every horizon.

It's not featureless, of course. This is a real place, and landscapes don't work that way. It curves in wind-sculpted eddies, looms in knife-edged crumbling cliffs, plunges into black crevasses. The exposed bones of the ice cap are blue-green in sunlight. From everywhere comes the slow groan of glacial motion straining against itself, the buried creaking of sea under ice.

It's supposed to be all right if you're in a mobile suit. He thought it would be sufficient -- the insulation, the armor. Even in a dream he could quote you detailed figures. But in a dream, the figures are somehow insufficient. The wind's cutting through, and all he has is Trowa Barton's
(isn't that his own?) old jumpsuit. He's shivering.

If he could remember the way back, that would be fine. But he can't. He didn't prepare right -- he did something wrong, he didn't do enough, he can't remember, and without that he can't move. Every step could take him onto a snow-covered crevasse, and Heavyarms would break right through the crust. He can't move. He can't remember which way to go.

He should be able to
remember. But he can't.

The cross around his neck is ticking. It'll blow up soon, and take all of them with it, and he can't afford that, he won't do it, but he can't figure out the way back. He can't disarm it, and he can't get back, and he can't think. It's too cold.

There's snow heaped past his knees. He needs to

At least everyone went away. He didn't trap anyone else here, but he needs to do this, he needs to remember what he needs to do, he needs to--

Trowa's awake, like a stick snapping. No immediate threats -- wall to his back, gun within reach, lying down, no one in the room but someone at the door--


His bunkmate. Expected. Okay.

Trowa's awake. Fully, and not just the half-understood instincts that pull him from sleep into battle-assessment. His heart is beating fast, but he can keep his breathing slow and normal. He's awake, in his room on Peacemillion, and the blankets have slipped off him and the clock is ticking softly, and Quatre's at the door.

(His dream has shattered into fragments, disconnected and ungraspable, and the lingering adrenaline of something formless.)

He breathes out, and meets Quatre's eyes.
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Quatre was working on Sandrock when he realized he should go back to check on Trowa; thankfully, the pilot quarters are fairly close to the storage bay.

He's cleaned off his hands with a towel, first, but when he opens the door carefully after a quiet tap to let Trowa know he's there (though, as of yet, Trowa's never not woken due to his footsteps alone) he's unrolling his second sleeve.

"Hi," he says, and he tries to say it casually but there's an undertone of concern he's not even bothering to hide.
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Quatre sits down on his bed, and starts to take off the heavier shoes he was wearing to work on Sandrock.

"Good," he says, amiably. "The right thruster is working at max cap, again."

He's just been fiddling around as one can always do on a Gundam, if you need a reason. The other pilots and he regularly need reasons. It helps you think. Or not think, as the case regularly is.

"Do you want something hot?"

That is: tea, or coffee. Hot cocoa isn't stocked in the kitchen.
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It's hard, with Trowa like this. He's so uncertain, and uneasy, no matter how calm he can keep his voice these days.

Quatre keeps his eyes down on his shoes, as he finishes untying the second one, and tries not to let how he feels show.

"All right," he says, casual, pushing the second shoe beneath the bed and pulling out his loafers, slipping them on. He stands and moves out of the way, to wait for Trowa.
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Quatre holds the door open after him; it's polite, but mostly it's a habit. After scanning the hallway (another habit; he doesn't expect an invasion here, and all he has is the gun at the small of his back, but it's not a habit that's safe to shake) he follows Trowa down the hall to the kitchen.

It's a smaller one, used by members of the Peacemillion's crew. The larger one is more central, and less accessible for making tea.
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Quatre relaxes a bit more than Trowa does, but his body language still reads as more on edge than Trowa's; even amnesiac, the other pilot has a certain skill at repressing tension in the face of war that Quatre's still learning.

Quatre opens a drawer and rummages through the options. As could be expected on a ship --even one as large as the Peacemillion--they aren't particularly varied; there's black tea, coffee, and a few bags of green tea that they'll need to restock from the main supply sometime soon. He glances up at Trowa "Do you have a preference between black and green?"

Probably not, but it never hurts to ask. And he doesn't have a preference.

He wishes he was more talkative today; that he could chase away the bad dream with some story from his childhood. But it's been rough, today, and it's hard to put himself in the right mood. Still, he tries to keep his tone and his body language amiable and open.
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After a brief hesitation, Quatre chooses the green due to respective caffiene content. He'll probably be the one who ends up restocking it.

It doesn't make too long to make tea, but while it's brewing Quatre sets his arms on the countertop. "How have you been?"

It's vague on purpose; Trowa has a bad track record of answering vague questions, but it's better than forcing him into a conversational corner.
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"Sounds exciting," Quatre says, somewhat self-deprecatingly but with a quick grin.

Life has tended recently to be either long expanses of nothing, or short bursts of far too much excitation for his tastes. But Rashid has assured him that that is nothing new, in war.

"If you don't have anything lined up tomorrow, we could use you for repairs."
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Quatre's smiles, sincere. An extra pair of skilled hands in care of a trustworthy heart is never unwanted.

He moves to rummage for the mugs, which make slight clink noises as they move against each other.

He's quiet as he pours the tea and sets the teapot down; he pauses to fix his left cufflink before moving the mugs to the table, setting Trowa's in front of him lightly.

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"Don't," Quatre says, voice tight. "Please."
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"I--" Quatre hesitates, and falls silent. There's another moment before he sits down, but he's still staring into his mug. "It's--this is-- my fault. You shouldn't--don't thank me."

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Quatre swallows, hard.

He glances out of the side of his eye, to catch Trowa's expression. When they make eye contact he holds it for a long moment, before glancing ahead.

"Colonists killed my father. It... I made a mistake. I thought--" he breathes out, shakily. "I finished building a new Gundam with -- some blueprints that had been left. It had an AI that I -- didn't understand. I didn't care, I -- wasn't rational," he says, quietly. "I was just... angry. And... it seemed like the right thing to do."

He's silent for several long moments.

"You tried to stop me. And you did, I mean -- it worked. But your suit -- I just wanted Heero to--" he cuts off and doesn't say kill me so he'd go save you, because he doesn't think Trowa needs to know that. It puts the situation in the wrong light. He wasn't a sympathetic party. "But we were stopped before we could, of course."
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"I know," Quatre says, quietly.

"I'd understand," he says, after a moment, glancing back over to him, "if you'd want me to leave you alone. I could switch with Heero."

He tries to keep his tone light, and fails miserably.
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Quatre's eyes widen slightly.

"Okay." He smiles, small and hesitant, glancing back into his tea. After another moment, he finally takes a sip.
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Quatre doesn't know what to say. What can you say, after that?

So he doesn't say anything at all.
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"We'd been allies for a few months," Quatre says, after a moment. "But it depended on circumstances, whether or not we were fighting together. You and Heero were together, then; I was with my family. I'd been injured, and one of my sisters found me and--took me to my father. Once I was healed."
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Quatre lets out a shaky breath. "You were pretending to work for OZ," he explains. "I don't know how you convinced them, but they'd taken Deathscythe--Duo's Gundam--captive, and it involved destroying it."

He's quiet for a moment. "Heero doesn't know if they knew you were a Gundam pilot. He says Une liked you, but -- that's it."