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Trowa likes the garage. It's quiet, it's usually pretty empty of people, and it's got square kilometers full of fascinating machinery. Trowa is a mechanic at heart, and sometimes he privately misses the chance to get shoulder-deep in an engine. Milliways provides for that handily.

He's also Trowa, which means he also likes to explore it to make sure he has a clear and current mental map of all those square kilometers of deceptive and occasionally shifting geometry.

He rounds a corner, and --

. . .

That's new.

Trowa's eyes narrow slightly as he regards the wall. Its utilitarian concrete is covered with scratches and scrawled over with white chalk, delineating X-ed out circles and a single word:

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Real life.........AC

2003 <-----------> 195
2004 <-----------> 196
2005 <-----------> 197
2006 <-----------> 198
2007 <-----------> 199
2008 <-----------> 200
2009 <-----------> 201
2010 <-----------> 202
2011 <-----------> 203
2012 <-----------> 204
2013 <-----------> 205
2014 <-----------> 206
2015 <-----------> 207
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Shuttle rides are boring. This is a fact of life; every traveler who's ever been on an inter-colony or atmo-breaking trip knows this. But it is, perhaps, especially boring when you know exactly what this engine can do (not as much as many machines, but a lot more than this commercial pilot is asking of it) and which trajectories it could take to L4 (several, of which this is the most staid that has any speed at all). Trowa keeps himself occupied with his computer, and tries not to spend too much time mentally calculating alternative routes and contingency plans for various attacks that will never come. He doesn't expect them, but it's something to do. And it never hurts to be prepared.

When they dock, he waits through the excessively slow cross-check -- double-checks and triple-checks are how you keep your equipment in order and yourself alive, but this crew's clearly never done this under fire -- and then slings his duffel bag over his shoulder and files dutifully off the shuttle with the other passengers. Time for the Immigration And Visitor Registration paperwork. Trowa tells them the truth, nowadays, although occasionally in rather targeted wording.

All that's ahead after that is a much shorter (and, privately, less irritating) trip by ground transport to the rich district of this colony. He'll call Quatre when he's close.
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Quatre has stocked up on decaf coffee since the last time Trowa was in this room, even if he made an amiable face at the bag when he pulled it out. Trowa would have been fine without, and even bothered to say so, but Quatre is Quatre.

Which is why the coffeemaker is equipped with a one-cup-at-a-time setting, in case of guests. (Okay, in the certainty of at least one guest.) This is also why Quatre's mug contains highly caffeinated coffee instead of the lightly sweetened decaf Trowa has.

Trowa also has his boyfriend's shoulder resting against his, and on the whole, he's pretty good with the world at the moment.
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It's late afternoon. The first show is at 6:00 -- 1800, Trowa still thinks of it really, but the translation is easy -- and most of the circus is making early dinners or otherwise enjoying the downtime before they have to get ready.

Trowa opens the door from Milliways into the trailer he shares with Cathy, and lets X follow him through.

It's a narrow room, combining kitchen and common room in a compact and tidy package, with doors to Trowa's room, Cathy's, and the bathroom. (And, behind them, to the outside.) It's all lived-in, in an impeccably tidy way.
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Quatre's always been good at staying in touch. But in recent months, he's taken to emailing nearly every day, from and to one account or another, even if sometimes it's just a glorified hello.

Trowa is a little amused by this, but not objecting to it.

Yesterday's message said, amidst very polite grumbling about diplomatic visits and the scheduling thereof (and veiled reassurances that the diplomatic visits were nothing to pay too much attention to), that Iria might be contacting Trowa sometime soon. Trowa considered that, and the lack of associated detail, and wrote back, Okay.

(He added a few more words to address the other paragraphs. But Quatre's emails are pretty consistently longer than the replies they get.)

So this morning, when he goes to turn on the coffeemaker, he leaves the phone function of his laptop turned up a little higher than he might otherwise.
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The Winner estate library is, unsurprisingly, both comfortable and extensive.

In about three hours, Trowa will have to head back across the colony to the park where the circus has set up its tents, so he can change and warm up in time for the evening's show. But that's three hours from now. Right now, he's settled on one of the third-floor sofas in the Winner library, reading a borrowed book while Quatre's off getting tea.

(The caffeine is mostly for Quatre, who's a workaholic even when he's not rearranging his schedule to spend afternoons with a friend, but Trowa's not objecting to it either.)
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