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Name:Trowa Barton
Birthdate:May 28
"I have no name, but if you must call me something it's Trowa . . . Trowa Barton."


Gundam: 03 - Heavyarms
Real name: Unknown
Origin: L3 Colony cluster
Family: Unknown
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brown

Trowa's twenty or so, tallish, long-legged and lanky enough to look taller than he is. Lots of hair.

He's mostly living with the circus, these days.


Longer, and spoiler-laden, bio here, for those who might be interested! And a more detailed physical description is here.

Trowa Barton is from Gundam Wing, and is the property of Bandai. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. He's current in timeline with [info]maxwellsdemon02, [info]imperfecthero01, [info]peacecrafting, and the rest of the gang, four or so years after Endless Waltz. He's under new management as of June 2008 -- me, I'm [info]genarti.

Also, please note: Trowa is very taciturn, even with very good friends. If he's not giving your character a lot of response, it's probably not because he dislikes them, and it's definitely not because I the mun dislike them or you. It's because this is how Trowa is with everybody.

Interests (40):

acrobatics, being impassive at enemies, being impassive at friends, being impassive at strangers, being impassive at you, big cats, catherine bloom, chang wufei, clown pants, communing with predators, dubious survival instincts, duo maxwell, even more guns, explosions, gundams, guns, habitual paranoia, heavyarms, heero yuy, highwire, impassivity, improbable hair, infiltrating every side ever, knives, lions, masks, mobile suits, more explosions, more guns, not dodging, not milkshakes, quatre raberba winner, really creepy clown masks, revolution, the circus, tightropes, trapezes, undermining oz, using up ammo, world peace

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