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Trowa's about 176cm, or 5'9"ish. Green-eyed, with a narrow oval face and moderately tanned skin, and a lot of straight thick brown hair. He wears it flopping forward enough that it masks his face when he wants it to. (A note on the hair: as drawn, it totally defies gravity. I have trouble picturing him with a more normal and less anime-ish hairstyle, but it's also true that his hair naturally grows this way, and nobody seems to find it all that weird in canon. I leave it up to you whether your character finds it reasonable or not.)

He's always been skinny; he's got one of those fast metabolisms that means a bare minimum of body fat no matter what he's doing. Nowadays, he's a professional acrobat and trapeze artist, which means that he's got a lot of muscle too. He doesn't dress to display that, at least when he's not in acrobat's spandex for the night's circus show, and it's easy to miss it at a cursory glance.

He has small scars scattered on his hands and forearms, the kind you get when you spend your entire life (childhood included) working with engines, weapons, and other heavy machinery. Nothing major. He has a few other scars elsewhere, but mostly they're old, fairly minor, or both. Thanks to all the trapeze work, his hands are solid callus (filed flat and even) all along the palms and finger pads. He works with lions, and he might have some lion hairs scattered on his clothing now and again; if your character has an enhanced sense of smell, they might note that, along with the other scents of circus life (and humanity and standard hygiene).

He tends to wear comfortable clothes that don't stand out -- jeans, dark turtlenecks, sneakers. He moves with the easy grace of someone who knows exactly where his balance is and what his body can do, and with an economy of motion that can only be described as 'tidy'. He doesn't take up a lot of space. This is someone who's very used to sitting quietly and fading into the background, and doing so will probably always be his default mode.
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