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This isn't a number Trowa calls very often. Nor gets calls from very often, either.

But under the circumstances, this is the most efficient way to rule out certain possibilities. Either Une knows there's no reason to be concerned, or Une's concerned too.

(Other options are exceedingly unlikely, but ruling them out conclusively is always useful.)
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Trowa's checking his email.

(Multiple addresses.)

Cathy's in the kitchen making lunch, and singing to herself. So far, nothing smells burned.
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The trailer looks much the same as ever: small, clean, ruthlessly tidy.

Well, except for the tinsel on the cabinets. (Cathy's doing. It's shedding a bit on the counter.) And the holly and colorful squiggles drawn on the whiteboard on the back of the kitchen door. (Also Cathy's doing.) And the tiny tree taking up half the kitchen table, wedged into a corner and slightly precariously laden with ornaments. (Trowa helped with that one. But because Cathy handed him the box of ornaments and told him to.) There are small presents shoved under the drooping branches.

Trowa is making coffee, at the moment.
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When you do the same routine for every show, barring emergency rearrangements, you don't need much practice for it outside of that. Anything ready to be put in a show should have been practiced until everyone can nail the timing to the split second, every single time. But any ideas for variations on a routine, or for new ones . . . Well, those need practice, and before that they need testing out.

Accordingly, this afternoon Trowa is standing next to the (relatively) low practice wire some yards from the big top, watching Cathy frown in thought.

Her BRILLIANT IDEA for a new trick needs some of the details rearranged in practice, it seems.
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He's got what he needs. Information from observation, copies of files he's been given, copies of files he's not supposed to know exist.

The problem with losing your security experts is that you don't have anyone to notice when your new security expert is doing more than you'd want him to. Oh, they watch him, but they aren't quite good enough. He wins their trust instead.

Two days ago, he sent an anonymous tip to the police.

Something else he's not supposed to know is that tonight at 0200 hours is when the police plan to act on that tip, and (warrant obtained) move in on Boss Tammany's compound.

Which is why two days ago, and again two hours ago, he contacted someone else, too.
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The late show's over, and clean-up done. It's nighttime on D107, and the circus is closed down until tomorrow's matinee.

Trowa is checking his email.

And whether he needs to make any more upgrades to the circus server's security settings. And probably five or six other things.
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