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Rules of this household:
1) No blowing yourself up!!
2) Eat what is put in front of you
3) Keep your clothes neat (pick up your socks)!
4) Leave a note. Always leave a note. Yes, Trowa, even if you’re going to go save everyone you have time for a NOTE. I have time for notes when I’m in a rush!
5) Give sufficient warning if guests are coming over for dinner (that Lucille is a nice girl, Trowa)
[In a neater hand] 6) Wait for me or Sven if you're going somewhere we haven't agreed is safe. Don't go alone.
7) At least pretend you’re following the laws of wherever we’re staying? I promise I’ll be more careful with obtaining fire permits.
a) Unless the laws are stupid
[nearly illegible from irritation] b) Or the officials call you a "little lady" and leer at you.
8) Share ideas for new acts with other member of household first. No "surprise acts," Trowa!
a) A corollary: Tell me when my ideas are utterly stupid, bozo. I can’t believe how much of a fool Ms. Weaton made me feel last month.
[Again in the neater hand] 9) If you bring people back here, introduce me.


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