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Talking to Father Harrison clears up any number of things. Trowa has a place and time, now, and at least a shadowy description; more importantly, he has a witness that Duo was deliberately taken alive. That's the strongest evidence yet that he's still that way.

It doesn't change Trowa's immediate next step, either.

Duo's apartment building is locked, but it only takes a few minutes of waiting before a harried-looking man emerges with a wailing child in his arms. Trowa has a cover story prepared, but he doesn't need it; the man lets him catch the open door without a second glance. He moves up the stairs to apartment 7H, and slips on a pair of thin gloves as he crouches in front of the door.

Luck is with him today, because he doesn't need his cover stories here either. Nobody comes in sight the entire time he's picking the lock. (It's a decent one, but it could be better. Duo's old one was. Interesting.) He closes the door behind himself quietly.

There's food in the fridge, some of it starting to go bad, and laundry in the hamper. Duo's spare gun is in the third spot Trowa checks. Duo wasn't expecting to be gone.

His primary computer's nowhere in the apartment. But the older one he uses as a backup personal computer is safely tucked away where it's supposed to be. Trowa leaves it in place while he takes a look through the rest of the apartment. Duo is a Gundam pilot, with all that entails; getting into the computer might take a while.

It does.

But Trowa has both time and patience, and eventually they pay off. On the computer he finds mostly personal files -- pictures of Heero and of other friends, the circus schedule, music and old notes on 'Prospero's natural philosophy.' Trowa scans these to make sure they're nothing more useful in disguise, and closes them as soon as he's sure. Invading Duo's privacy may be inevitable, but it's not the goal.

He also finds a half-finished email.

And, heavily encrypted and well-buried, some interesting lists.

Trowa copies everything of use onto a disk, pockets it, and shuts the computer down. He's done here.

He does meet a few neighbors on the stairs, but fortunately it's after he's clear of Duo's door. None of them will have any way of knowing who he was visiting, or why; they nod to him with automatic politeness, and hurry on about their business.

Duo's tiny garage has a much better lock. Trowa considers it, and the odds of getting caught now, and leaves it alone. Duo has a gundanium motorcycle with sentimental value, which is plenty of reason to install the best lock he can manage, and Duo's better with locks than Trowa is. He'll come back tomorrow if he needs to.
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